Capital Youth Association (CYA)

about us

General Goal of the Capital Youth Association is to promote innovation in the fields of youth, education and culture. The aim of the Capital Youth Association is to preserve, study and promote the common interests of its members and to create a safe space for youth to express themselves without any prejudice. It is established in Liechtenstein with scope to connect youth in our area with youth in the EU, to provide them a wider range of opportunities to communicate their needs and expectations, to freely express themselves, to travel around Europe, to make contacts and create friendships, to generally open up their views to the European perspectives and values.

In detail, the specific objectives of the Capital Youth Association are the following:
1. To promote innovation and social innovation in our area of establishment,
2. To promote training and non-formal education in our members,
3. To identify and promote EU best practices in a wide range of activities in our area,
4. To develop research and innovation with own means,
5. To implement projects for the development of our members,
6. The promotion of actions to support innovation in enterprises for their
modernization and development,
7. To help our members to widen their network of contacts in a greater range through
the implementation of our activities,
8. The preparation of proposals and management of EU programs,
9. To participate in research projects,
10. To update and inform members on developments in National, European and
international level,
11. The cooperation and synergies with bodies of social economy for the dissemination
of good practices and promotion of joint projects with Municipalities, Public and
social bodies with final object to develop social economy,
12. Planning and implementing community service projects with collaborating bodies
and Regional Authorities,
13. The promotion of Regional Development
14. The implementation of environmental protection and environmental awareness
actions and information,
15. The implementation of actions for the protection of cultural heritage,
16. The promotion of actions for development of tourism and tourism promotion,
17. The enhancement of the value of environmental protection and renewable energy
resources in Liechtenstein and Europe.

The Capital Youth Association, since its establishment, it has been active in the following activities:

Training trip to Munich, Germany for the exchange of good practices on entrepreneurship, November 2019.

Elaboration of a Research on Intercultural Dialogue and youth in Alpine countries.

Elaboration of a Research on Bioeconomy in countries across Alpenrhein-BodenseeHochrhein Region.

Study about Empowerment of Youth towards Social Independence, October 2019

Training trip to Budapest, Hungary for the exchange of good practices on intercultural dialogue, October 2019

Training trip to Bucharest, Romania for the exchange of good practices on social inclusion, November 2019

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Address: Triesen, Liechtenstein


Telephone: +4230752104748